Electrical Remodeling in Riverside

Undergoing any electrical remodeling project in Riverside means you’ll need a licensed electrician who understands your goals and works with you to reduce costs, eliminate hazards and meet deadlines. LVI Technologies are experts at taking the lead to remove stress and confusion from the process. Right from the very start, we’ll work closely with you to determine how your existing infrastructure can be integrated, and how your new system can be scaled for future technological advancements. Getting the wiring right the first time is just one of the many things that make us stand out from other electrical companies. We also guarantee:

  • Meticulous blueprint engineering
  • Strict compliance with all safety regulations
  • Exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • Swift turnarounds
  • Value-driven quotes

When you partner with us, you are not only working with a qualified electrician, you are also benefitting from our years of experience working as local electricians. We can help you expedite the permit application and approval process by helping you complete and submit paperwork and preparing worksites and plans; everything is ready to go when your remodel permits are approved.

Comprehensive Electrical Remodeling Answers You Can Afford

Your home or business upgrade is intended to add value and comfort to your investment, but what happens to all your hard work when the wiring goes wrong? Trust our seasoned pros to walk you through the design and installation process to help you identify ways to save time and money. We specialize in:

  • Kitchen rewiring
  • Bathroom wire-ins
  • Commercial rewiring
  • Moving outlets
  • Relocating lighting controls
  • New appliance wire-ins
  • Replacing or adding new fixtures
  • Adding upgraded heating and cooling systems
  • New construction wiring
  • Wiring outbuildings like garages and saunas

The Benefits of Partnering with Professional Electrical Contractors

Not all the electrical companies in Riverside have been created equally. It’s a really good idea to do your homework before you agree to any contracts or approve any quotes. Some remodeling contractors claim to be certified electricians who can handle residential and commercial electrical installation of all sizes. They fall short when installation day rolls around by not having the right tools or equipment to streamline the job or meet your deadlines.

Experienced electrical contractors may not be the cheapest way to go, but we are, by far, the safest and most efficient. Here are the benefits a reputable electrical company—like ourselves—provide:

  1. Eliminate the risks of hazards like electrical fires, electrocutions, shocks, burns, and property damages.
  2. Align all wiring with insurance requirements and specific rules outlined in the National Electrical Code.
  3. Reduce downtime and disruption to your building systems or daily schedule.
  4. Minimal damage to surrounding ceilings, walls, flooring and other property during installation.
  5. Clean, well-designed cable lines that are of the right gauge and length and are correctly insulated and labeled.
  6. Perform precise load calculations.
  7. Recommend cost-effective replacement parts that will stand up to usage.

We are Riverside’s leading electrical remodeling authorities. Call us today to book an appointment to consult with us for free.